Your Rights As A Consumer

You are not required to use a repair shop suggested by your insurance company. Some insurance companies will request reductions from body shops to do business with, which can lead to lower cost and even lower quality repairs. The following is a list of what your insurance company will try to tell you so that you use a preferred shop on their list.

These are just a few of the things insurance companies will try to say to get you to use one of their preferred repair shops. It is your vehicle. You have the right to choose who repairs it. We can help you with the insurance claims process and will make sure to provide high quality repairs. If you need help choosing an insurance company, we will gladly provide a list of companies we recommend. We always keep the best interests of the customer in mind, which is you. Not your insurance company.

The insurance company does not need to guarantee repairs. Since you are our customer and it is your vehicle that is being repaired by us, all of our work is guaranteed.

This is not true. Most companies are required to evaluate and estimate a vehicle within 72 hours.

This is not true. Some insurance companies will either try to do a reimbursement by either having you pay with a credit then reimbursing you, or writing a check which you should not do. Most insurance companies should have direct agreements with rental companies to be able to pay out of pocket.

All additional charges will be discussed with you and in most cases, you will collect the different from the insurance company.

We do not take longer. Insurance companies take longer to respond when you do not use one of their preferred shops.